New Zealand Schools E-Books

Figure 1.--These highschool boys are having a little chat during their lunch break. Most New Zealand secondary schools have school uniforms. Some like this school have a rather informal uniform. Some schools have more formal uniforms.  

We are preparing a series of eBooks about New Zealand Schools and education. The first volume of our eBook is about New Zealand Schools and education in general. We are preparing other volumes. One will focus on New Zealand school uniforms. There will be another volume which will consist of photo essays. Here we will use the children's writings and written work about their schools. We are also considering other volumes.

Volume I

The New Zealand education system is a fascinating case study in the approasch of a small democratic country toward education. Except for the distinctive uniforms, schools in New Zealand will not look too different from schools in other English-speaking western democracies like Canada, England, and the United States. There are, however, some destinctive New Zealand approaches to education. We cover a wide range of topics in Volume I of our New Zealand eBook, both the formal classroom activities as well as the informal aspects of going to school. The basic goal is to provide a glimpse into everyday life in a wide range of different New Zealand schools.

Volume II

One of the most destinctive aspects of New Zealand schools are the uniforms. Americans will find it curious that for the most part that primary children do no wear uniforms, but almost all secondary schools require them. There are some exceptions. Both parochial and private schools do require uniforms, even at the primary level. The uniforms styles are primarily British styles. The primary New Zealand twist has been to add a more informal element to the uniforms than was common in Britain. There is considerable variation as to school uniform fom school to school. Some schools still have relatively formal uniforms, but many schools now have informal styles. Many schools are quite strict about the uniforms, but this also varies from country to country. Please note that we have only begun this volume. So if you want a more completed volume, you might want to wait before making your purchase. We do send new pages by e-mail, so if you purchase this book, you can receive the new pages as we add them.

Volume III

Our New Zealand E-Book Volume III consists of a series of photo essays designed to depict everyday school life in New Zealnd. It covers all aspects of the school day from formal classroom work to informal play and time chatting with friends at free moments. The text on each page is the actual written work of New School children. We have chosen selections which provide interesting insights on how the students view their schools. We have added our images on the various topics that the students describe. Here again, we have just begun this volume, so if you want a finished book you may want to delay your purchase.