Historical Girls' Clothing: German Girls' First Communion (1915)

German hair bows
Figure 1.--Here we see German twin ssters in 1913. We believe tht they were from Gladbach, an area east of Cologne. The girls look to be about 5 years old. Notice the colored hair bows they are wearing.

A reader has proivided us a portrait of her grandmother and her twin sister dressed up in their First Communion outfits in 1915. As was common in Europe and America in the 20th century, the girls wear white junior wedding dresses for First Communion. The girls are clearly very close as they are holding on to each other. They are dressed in identical outfits. They have white flowers in their hair, white dresses, white neclklesses,wjhite gloves, white long stockings, and white high-top shoes. There seems to be large white back bows, but that is difficult to see. The dresses seems more of an ordinary white dress than a special junior wedding dress that many girls wore for First Communion. This probably reflects a moderate income middle-class family. Mother seems to have often dressed the twins in identical outfits. Our trader has provided us a 1913 portrait of the girls in identical dresses and hairbows. The girls y were from Gladbach, an area east of Cologne in western Germany.


Melanson, Christine. E-mail message (November 20, 2018). Christine has kindly provided us family portraits of her mother and grandmother.


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Created: 6:39 AM 11/23/2018
Last updated: 6:39 AM 11/23/2018