New Zealand Schools E-Book

Figure 1.--This New Zealand prep school boy is checking out one of the new additions in the school library. New Zealand schools, bith state and preivate, tend to have excellent libraries.á

Aperures Press had planned to publish its New Zealand school book in 1999. While considerable work has been done on the book, it is going to be some time before we publish a printed version. Apertures has received quite a few inquiries about the book. As a result, we have decided on a novel new approach--an E-book. This will not replace another hard bound book, a follow up on Boys Preparatory Schools. Rather this will permit readers to follow our process by viewing draft pages and pages in progress as we create them. Besides giving readers the opportunity to follow progress on the book as it develops, it gives our Quiwi friends the opportunity to review and comment on the various pages--allowing HBC to incorporate a much wider range of ideas and experiences than would otherwise have been possible.


Our New Zealand E-Book is now avaialable for interested readers. Of course this will be a few pages to begin with and they will only be preliminary drafts. But each month there will be a few additional new pages and or images loaded as well as improvements to the draft pages already loaded.


The E-book will cost a one-time payment of US$25/UKú14/$NZ40/A$35.


Mail orders

Checks should be made out to Apertures Press and mailed to:

Dennis Weidner
Apertures Press
3025 Ontario Road, Suite 206
Washington, DC 20009

Credit card orders

You can also order our New Zealand E-book by using your credit card. The cost is $25. To place the order through Payall, click on the "Buy Now" icon below.


There are a number of advantages for subscribing to our new E-book. You get to see the New Zealand book now instead of having to wait until we actually publish the book. You get to see the book as it evolves. You get to participate, if you wish, in the books publication as Apertures welcomes comments or submission of written work, short literary pieces, art work, and photographs. The E-book will also include much more color photography than will be feasible in the published book because of the high cost of color printing. In addition, we will load pages on our E-Book that will not be included in the published book, again because of cost the published book will be limited to 125-150 pages. We eventually hope to load about 200 pages and 300 images for our New Zealand E-Book.


Apertutres Press welcomes contributions from New Zealand on our schools book. We were able to visit only a small proportion of the schools in New Zealand. We did visit over 100 schools covering a wide cross section of New Zealand education. That, however, only scratches the surface. If you would like to contribute material about your school or your school experience, we incourage you to do so. Contrubutions can be photographs, drawings, essays, or just little written snipets--what ever you may care to contribute. Best of all, contributors, get a free subscription to our New Zealand E-Book.


If you have any questions about our New Zealand E-book, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail. We will be glad to answer your questions about this exciting inovative new Apertures Press project.