British Preparatory Schools E-Book Volume I

Figure 1.--The Apertures Press E-book includes more than 150 never before published photographs illustrating life in British prep schools during the late 20th century. They come from visits to about 100 different schools.

Apertures Press visited about 100 different preparatory schools throughout Britain to compile a photographic record of these fascinating educational faciklities. We had planned to publish an expanded version of its 1990 printed book Boys' Preparatory Schools for some time. Based on the suucess of our New Zealand E-book, we have decided to use this format for the extended version. Apertures has received quite a few inquiries about the book. As a result, we have decided to create another E-book. Like our New Zealand E-book, the Brirish Preparatory Schools E-book will be richly illustrated with never-before pubished photographs that we took on our many school visits. The E-book is very different than our previous published edition in that here we have a very detailed text describing the schools and the prep school program. There is a great deal of information concerning what the headmasters, teachers, and children have told us about their schools as well as our impressions.


Our New first British Preparatory Schools E-Book was released June 1, 2005. The entire book will not be completed at that time, but we will have most of the text completed and will have begun to add the images. Of course the pages will only be preliminary drafts. We have since basically completed Volume I although we still occasionally add new pages and images.


The E-book will cost a one-time payment of US$25 (about UK�14/$NZ35/A$30).


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There are a number of advantages for subscribing to our new E-book. You get to see the British Preparatory Schools book now instead of having to wait until we actually publish the book. You get to see the book as it evolves. You get to participate, if you wish, in the books publication as Apertures welcomes comments or submission of written work, short literary pieces, art work, and photographs. The E-book will also include much more color photography than will be feasible in the published book because of the high cost of color printing. In addition, we will load pages on our E-Book that will not be included in the published book, again because of cost the published book will be limited to 125-150 pages. We eventually hope to load about 200 pages and 300 images for our British Preparatory Schools E-Book.

Examine the Book

Here is the actual eBook which you can examine if you like. The images require the pass cides, but you are welcome to thumb through the pages to see the variety of topics covered in the book. Just click on the red "X" in the pass code box to go to the next page. All of the pages have or will have never before published photographs or will have images to illustrate them. The photographs were taken by Apertures Press photographers at over 100 different Preparatory Schools participating in the project.


Apertutres Press welcomes contributions from Britain on our schools book. We were able to visit only a small proportion of the schools in New Zealand. We did visit over 100 schools covering a wide cross section of the British prep school community. That, however, only scratches the surface. If you would like to contribute material about your school or your school experience, we incourage you to do so. Contrubutions can be photographs, drawings, essays, or just little written snipets--what ever you may care to contribute. Best of all, contributors, get a free subscription to our British Preparatory Schools E-Book.


If you have any questions about our British Preparatory Schools E-book, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail. We will be glad to answer your questions about this exciting, inovative new Apertures Press project.