Western Media: Reporting on Islam and Muslims

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HBC was somewhhat starteled when we began to discuss the issues on this page. Almost uniformily the readers complained that Islam is treated unfairly in the Western media, even slandered. Upon closer examination we find these comments from people who do not read Western newspapers or listen to Western television. The comments seem to come from what they are told by their local media and newspapwers. We would be glad to list examples of biased Western reporting. We invite readers to provide us examples. We do not see any such bias. Our asessment is that the mainstream media (newspapers like the New York Times or Washington Post or the principsl networks ANC, CBS, and NBC as well as PBS) go iut of their way to be 'fair' to Muslims which often involves reporting that leaves out important facts, especially the reporting on terror plots and attacks. For example when two men were arrested in New York and charged with planning to dress up as Hasitic Jews and attacks Jewish sites (May 2011), the mainstream media commonly described them as North Africans rathher than Muslims. This kind of essentially dishonesrt journalism is part of a larger tendency of liberal journalists to take up the politics of victimization. We thought it would be aood idea to collect reports on Muslim actions that are either not reporterd by the mainstream media or buried with small articles on the back pages.

Pro-Muslim Bias

We will archive here examples we have found of pro-Muslim bias in the Western media.

American CNN

CNN is certaunly not the most egregious violater of journalistic fairness when reporting on Islamic/Musdlim issues. We not a susposed debate on a book by P. David Gaubatz, Muslim Mafia (May 2011). Now a debate should include at least two points of view. You would think that Gaubatz would be invited to defend his book or a lt least someone speaking for him. But Rich Sanchez who conducted this debate did not invite Gaubatz or a spokesman. This is the same Rich Sanchez who was previously been outed for being an anti-Ssemite. Sanches did invite Ibrahim Hooper, the leader of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Rather than debate the issues, Sanchez and Hooper unite to attack the book and the author. CNN spins CAIR as a very reputable organization and that those that expose them are the bigots. Watch the CNN spin machine and see if you think that the network is engaging in journalism or propaganda.

Anti-Muslim Bias

We have not yet found examples of anti-Muslim bias in the main-line Western media. We will be glad to add examples hear that readers have found.

Incidents not Widely Reported by the Mainline Media

Honor killing

Honor killing is an all too frequent occurance in Muslim countries. It is not a practice specifically founded on the Koran, but the Koran does not prohibit it and the general teachings on women as well as the teachings of some Islamic clerics have made it possible for this practice to continue into the modern age. And because Muslims have emigrated to America, we find incidents occuring in this country. They are not widely repiorted by the main'line media. And when the murders are reported, referces to Muslims and especially Islam or the tradition of honor killings, are often if not usually avoided. Here is a gruesome murder of stepdaughter by Muslim fundamentalist, the issues of Islam or "honor killing" are not even mentioned on the Fox affiliate report in Detroit. No report at all from other main stream media. CNN is just one of of the media companies that carefully follow the PC arroach. Actual procedures vary somewhgat. CNN carefully edits its reporting to avoid linking Islam with honor killings it repots. One media watchdog reports,"CNN is apparently willing to include the words “honor killing” and “conservative Afghan” in its news reports but is unwilling to say that the honor killing was mandated by Islamic teachings or even mention that the murderers were Muslims. Instead, the word “conservative” has the effect of comparing such nasty people with the Christian right in America. The most tragically ironic aspect of this story is that the man who murdered his daughters and tried to cover it up, said that he killed them because they 'betrayed kindness'. This CNN news report is a must-see for the network’s bias. It fits right in line with the network’s history of running interference for Islamists." [Davies]

Muslim teaching in the West

This is a German Muslim religious class taught by a Muslim teacher. This lesson is what might be called a more moderate teaching on Islam compared to what is widely taught in the MNuslim world. This is another subject largely avoided by the main Stream media.


Davies, Keith. Director, Shoebat.com. E-mail message, January 27, 2012.


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