Moroccan Boys' Activities : Work Area--Shepherds

Figure 1.-- This colorized postcard of a shepherd caring for goats was mailed in 1964. We do not know when the photograph was taken. It was taken in the Souss District. The Souss-Massa-Draâ District (سوس ماسة درعة‎) is one of the sixteen regions of Morocco. It is situated in central Morocco, extending from the Atlantic coast east to the Atlas Mountains and the Algerian border. The capital is Agadir.

One of the jobs commonly given to boys was a shephered. They normally cared for sheep and goats. We know little about sheep and goat raising industries in Morocco. More children now go to school in MKiorocco and thus fewer children are now used shepherds. We notice a reference to shephereds in the Atlas Mountains. We di not know much about the wood industry in Morocco. There are a lot of references to rugs and we think that this is an important industry supplied by the wool producers. Hopefully readers will be able to tell us more about sherds and the wool industry.


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Created: 8:22 AM 3/3/2011
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