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English Vests/Waistcoats: Usage

Figure 1.--This is the earliest example we have of an English boy wearing a vest withiu his suit jacket. We are, however, unsure juat how to date the snapshot. We are guessing it was taken in the late-1940s, but we aere not at all sure.

As far as we can tell, vests were most worn as part of suits. We see very few examples of boys wearing their vests without the jackets. Of course our 19th century archive consists almost entirely of studio portraits in which the boys are done up formally. We have virtually no images showing how the boys dressed away from the studio. Even in the early- and mid-20th century we rarely see boys wearing vests without the suit jackets. Nor do we see vests other than those done as part of three-piece suits. We have found a few examples, but very few. This did not change untilk after World War II. We begin to see boys wearing veses, often brightly colored vests, worn rather than suit jackets. We begin to nsee these beginning in the 1960s. These were separated purchased garments, not bpart of any nsuit and rarely worn with suit jackets. It was a more informal and less expemsive garment thana suit.


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