English Girls Garments: Underwear

Figure 1.-- Here we see little girls' underwear in 1914. Underwear garments like this were widely worn. We do not understand the reference to suffragettes.

Gender variations in underwear have differed over time. We do not have a great deal of information on this, but believe that the overall trends were similar to those in America. There was obviously boys and girls underwear. At times the underwear for younger children has been fairly standard. There were girls underwear with frills. The underwar garments the little girl in 1914 wears here is a good example (figure 1). A Germfan reader tells us that this was similar to little girls' underwear in her country. Many mothers in th 19th and early 20th centuries, however, purchased the basic underwear for everyday wear that both boys and girls wore. This became much less common, especially after World War II.


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Created: 6:02 PM 6/12/2008
Last updated: 6:02 PM 6/12/2008