German Boys' Hair Styles: Conventions

Figure 1.--Here we have a family portrait taken in Königsberg, proably in the 1890s. Here we see the convention of different hair styles along gender and age differences. The curious aspect of this portarit is that even though the two younger boys are dressed identically they have very different hair styles.

Parents commonly use noth age and gender conventions in selecting haor styles. These convention have changed over time. Often with large families the younger children will have similar hair styles. This is true for both boys and girls. Some parents dress the younger children in identical or similar styles. Very often children dressed identically will have the same hair styles. This is of course mosrtt common with same-gender siblings. While these are the general conventions we do notice exceptions. Clothing and hair styles we have found are endlessly variable. These conventions are the same as with other European countries and not just in Germany.


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Created: 1:36 AM 11/4/2006
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