German Boys' Hair: Parts

Figure 1.--This CDV portrait shows an unidentified German boy with a center part. The portrait is undated, but looks like it was taken about 1890. Center parts were not as common in Germany as in America.

An imprtant element of any hair style is the part and where it is placed. Sometimes there is no part such, primarily with shaved heads and very short cuts. Or the part is not readily apparent such as bangs, a popular style in Germany. When the hair was enough enough to comb there were three basic opotions, a left, center, or right part. The left and right parts varied depnding on how far down toward the ears the part was made. Some were only a little off center while others were more down toward the side. Given that quite a few boys had short back and sides, the hair might be combed on top, but essentialy cropped bellow where a part might go. The prevalence of parts varied, especially because cropped hair was so common in the 19th century. Center parts do not seem as common as in America, but we do see some. Asin other countries, center parts were mosr common for girls. We are not sure yet about the chronology of hair parts, but hope to work this oiut as our archive expands.


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Last updated: 2:20 AM 12/29/2014