German Hair Styles: Bowl Cuts

Figure 1.--These German brothers are posing in a rocking horse in a play area behind some apartments. The boys are obviously brothers dressed alike with the same bowl hair cuts. The background apartments suggest the boys were from a working-class family.

Bowl cuts were an almost universal hair cut for boys. I am not sure what the German term is. Cutting hair is a little tricky. It takes some skill to get it just right. Every counry had bowls. And a right sized bowl place over a boy's head provided the perfect foil for a neat trim. We see many American boys on the frontie with these cuts. We also see quite a number of German boys with bowl cuts through the 1920s. It was most common with working-class and rural boys. They began to be less common in the 1930s.


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Created: 11:01 PM 11/9/2008
Last updated: 11:01 PM 11/9/2008