Hans-J: Garments--SchlafanzŁge

Figure 1.--Here I am in a SchlafanzŁge in my bed with my dolls. This photograph was taken in 1940 when I was 5 years old.

Men and boys in the early 20th century wore "Nachthemden" (night shirts). I am not sure when "SchlafanzŁge" (pyjamas) began to replace nightsures. As a child I can only remember wearing "SchlafanzŁge" which is the German term for children's pyjamas (pajamas). I have a photo of me standing in front of my bed in a Schlafanzug with my dolls. The photographs was taken in 1940. I was 5 years old an by my bed.


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Created: 11:55 PM 12/27/2004
Last updated: 11:55 PM 12/27/2004