Hans-J: Hair Styles

Figure 1.--My mother had this portrait taken for Christmas 1941. I was 6 3/4 years old. This was a special studio photograph. I was wearing my blue sailor suit which you can see here. This was my Ausgehanzug which meant one's best suit for leaving the house with your parents on Sundays. Notice my hair done with a right part.

My Hair

About my hair. I never had much hair, even as a boy. Now, you can count them! As a boy my hair style did not change much. The image here shows how I normally wore it (figure 1). I never had my head shaved like my father. In most cases this was a sign of boys who grew up in poor families where paying for the barber was money to be saved, at least in Germany. In these homes it was easier for mother or father to cut all the hair at home and this did not cost anything.

French Comments

A French reader writes, "We note that Hans in all his photographs has short hair combed the same way from a very young age to the portrait here where he is wearing a sailor suit (figure 1). Notice his hair is parted on the right. This was quite common anong cultured families in France. I suspect the same was true in Germany. Most boys especially after beginning school parted their hair on the left."

Right Part

I understand/understood that my hair was by nature parted to the right, it depends upon the crown at the back of the head. The situation cannot be changed, it is just at it is--at least in families where children/parents do not follow any fashion. Boys in Germany had their hair parted as it was--may be that now it has changed! Well, "cultured families“ in Germany did not shave/cut all the hair of the boys away, may be that this gave the impression. I don’t know whether there is a difference between human groups where the hair falls naturally. It is impossible to say something in general derived from my picture.


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Created: February 26, 2004
Last updated: February 26, 2004