German Boys' Clothes: Personal Experiences (1980s)

Figure 1.--

A German reader provides us some details on the clothes he wore as a boy in the 1980s.


Around 1983, at the age of about 4 years, I wore my first lederhosen suit. My sister had the same one. It consisted of a short, grey raw lederhosen with red and black stripes at the pockets and a dark green halter with a ivory design showing a deer. My second suit, around 1985, consisted of a short, black smooth lederhosen with red stripes at the pockets and a dark halter with an Edelweis design. Nevertheless, I liked wearing lederhosen very much.

My mother choose the lederhosen out of a catalogue. I don't believe it was a special one, just something like Quelle or Neckermann, but I haven't seen lederhosen in these catalogues for sale anymore now. She told me, that when she was young, around the 50s or 60s, her brothers wore lederhosen, too and this could be a factor why she chose lederhosen for us. But the nice complete suit in the catalogue was surely a factor as well. And that Lederhosen were worn at that time widely in Germany.


A "caroed" shirt is a shirt with small quadrangles. In English this would mean a checkered shirt, Mine was red and white.

School Clothes

I did some research in my old scrap books, and I couldn't find any classmates, who wore lederhosen at kindergarden or school. One classmate could have worn a lederhosen, but there isn't a photo of him doing so. Besides, I didn't wear it at school either. I wore it usually in spring and summer , and on holiday or at home. I can't remember wearing lederhosen at primary or secondary school.


My mother used to choose what kind of socks or stockings, which stopped at the knees, I should wear. To me it was all the same, as the stockings went down the same way socks did. I can remember a pair of blue rhombic stockings, that were enclosed by black lines.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: March 8, 2002
Last updated: March 8, 2002