Serbian Events: Belgrade Children's Fair (October 2011)

Figure 1.--Here Smehuljko the clown at the Belgrade Children's Fair in 2011 is entertaining some of the children. Clowns sometimes scare younger children, but apparently not Smehuljko.j

There are a rmge of events that Serbian children enjoy each year. There are many festivals, often local events. A Belgrade reader tells us about the Children's Fair held at the Belgrade Trade centre each year since 2001. It is a 3-day fair specially designed for younger children held at the beginning of October. The first day is often attended by school parties while the weekend is attended by family groups. Photographs taken at the Fair show the children enjoying the various events. The children are wearing wearing their weekend clothes. Most are dressed warmly for cool October weather. There are all kinds of yummy treats to enjou as well as fun entertainments. It is often held in Hall 3. Here there is a stage in which many organisations for children present musical shows, drama and demonstrations of their activities and children based products. Often schools for martial arts, ballet and gymnastic clubs present demonstrations of the activities they organise for children. There are several children’s entertainers who present children shows in which the child audience is encouraged to participate in theproceedings. None do this better than Smehuljko the Clown. He is an especially gifted entertainer who easily involves children in hi, all singing and dancing magic show. Clown Danko is another gifted children's entertainer who delighted children by his balloon art. There were a variety of companies and retail groups who had trade stands about their products. Some were companies which made baby products others were retail outlets for children’s clothes, toys and food products. Here children had opportunity to take part in games and art activities. Afterwards the children could take away pens and sample products or cuddly toys. Much of the fair was aimed at children aged babies, toddlers and ages to 7 years old. For toddlers and upwards there were bouncy castle amusements to entertain this age group. There were several trade stands and activities aimed at older children. For them was the mountaineering wall. Many boys and girls enjoyed climbing it and then assailing down to the ground. There was an archery activity for children presented by a medieval history group. This was mainly an activity for boys who also had an opportunity to buy replica toy bows and arrows. The army had a display in which children could have their face painted in camouflage colours and enjoy target shooting on a fair ground rifle shooting range. Quewes of children crowded around the many ice cream vendors who showed their latest ice cream making machines. All promising to make the most delicious of soft ice creams. Judging by the satisfied expressions on the faces of the youngsters this would would seem to have been achived. Children enjoyed eating their ice cream as they wondered from one exhibition to the next. The annual Belgrade children's fair is a very popular and stayed busy from its opening and until it closed.


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Created: 6:36 PM 10/20/2011
Last updated: 6:36 PM 10/20/2011