Prosperous Glasgow Family: The Lennox's (Scotland, 1910s)

Figure 1.-- Here we see the Lennox family from Glasgow posing for a formal portrait. The boys wear idential Highlnd kilt outfits. The portrait is undated, but looks like the 1910s to us.

This is a wonderful image from the past. It was taken in Scotland at C. Mitchell photographic studio in Glasgow. The two boys are both dressed in Highland kilt outfits. They have Glengary caps with eagle feathers, ather smnall Eton collars, bow ties, cut-away jackets, Kilts, sporrans, knee socks (I think Argyles), and sandals with mock buckles. This is ine of numerous images showing that boys in well-to-to families dressed up in kilts for formal occassions such as a portrait. What we are less sure about is how these boys dressed for more cassual activities, such as play, casual outings, family dinner, and school. Note that without the eagle feathers, replacing the cut-away jacket with a sweater, and perhaps a change of footwear that the outfits here would be much more casual. Unfortunately we do not know their first names. As can be seen, the original board was trimmed at one point, probably it was in a frame at one time. We do know that they were 9 and 12 years old. On the back, the first names in the trimming process were pretty well trimmed away, but the family last name looks like "Lennox" to me written in old script and that would make sense as Lennox is a Scottish name. The portrait is not dated, but the style of the photo mount and Mum in her fashionable large hat and ankle-covering skirt suggests the 1910s to us. Note father's bowler hat and gloves. The mount measures 8"x 7", with the actual photo image measuring approx. 6"x 4.25".


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Last updated: 12:26 AM 7/12/2006