** Scottish boys garments -- leggings

Scottish Boys' Garments: Leggings

Figure 1.--Here we see two Scottish children on an outing in Glasgow's Queen Park during the winter. The photograph is undated, but looks like the 1930s. The press caption read, "Mutual Admiration: Charming picture of two youngsters and two of their feathered friends. Photo shows two youngsters admirung strange geese [mean European species],orgeese=like birds, in Queen's Park, followung the snowfall. The birds seem quite as interested s the kiddis."

What might be called leggings appeared during the middle ages, but they were more hosiery than what was called leggings in the early-20th century. We do not leather leggings being worn over them by adulkt men , but we are not sure about the chronology. Thius became less necessary once that pants, at the time knee beeches, began to be worn (late 17th century). We note leggings for children appearing in the late-19th century and were woirn in the earlt and mod-20th century. We are not sure about Scotkand, bit ghis was the chronology in America and we assume that it was similar in Scotland. We believe that was connected to the fact that younger children began wearing short length harments. Boiy began eearing knee pants thatn knickers and girls shorter skirts. So we begin see younger childre, bth boys and girls wesring leggings during the winter to keep their legs warm. Leggings disappeared after mid-century. This was apparently because boys seben younger boys stopped wearing shhort pantgs yearv round. n Although we moyice girks still wpre short skirts--a kind of gender double standard. There was a social-class factor here. We mostly see children from familirs in coimfortable circymsrances wearing leggings, not just riuch children but from comfortable middle-class family.


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