Scottish Boys' Tunics: Garments--Tunic Suit Garments

Figure 1.--This unidentified Aberdeen boy wears what looks like a dark tunic suit a tunic suit with a skirt with a light-colored skirt. Notice the bands at the hem of both. He has ahite collar, pantalettes,and hite stockings. Notice the hat which looks lkike aoater. He has his hair done in a top knot. The studio was A. Adams in Aberseen. It was founded in 1863, but the CDV ortrait looks more like it was taken in the 1870s.

A tunic suit is primarily made up of a tunic and some kind of pants. Some were three-piece suits done with vests. These garments were commonly, but not always matching garments, done in the same nateroal and color. The matching garments can clearly be seen in the previous page. Note the Peter Pan collar and the below the knee pants which could be bloomer knickers that the boy on the previous page is wearing. The tunics could be done in many different ways. This included the collar treatment and buttoning arrangements. There were also differences in length and styling. The style of tunics may have been somewhat different than was common in America. HBC know less about tunic styles in Britain, especially Scotlnd. We note some differences here with the tunic suits the boys are wearing (figure 1). They are different than what we normally see American boys commonly wearing at the time. American and English boys commonly wote tunic suits which is clear from the photographic record. We are less sure about Scottish boys as the photographic rcord is much smaller. English and Scottish boys wore tunic suits with various kinds of pants, including knee pants, bloomer knickers, and long pants. We do not notice skirts in the photographic record. Motice that the boyy on the previous page are wearing skirts with their tunics and not pants. In fact the skirts match the tunic and were clearly made to be worn with it. We are not sure how common this was, but we have archived sevral examples so it does not seem to have been rare or unusual.


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