Scottish Hair Styles: Ringlet Curls

Figure 1.--This Scottish CDV portrait is undated. The unidentified boy was from Edinburgh. He has above the shoulder ringlets and wears a cut-away jacket with very wide knee psants. The studio was J.G. Tunny Princes Street Edinburgh. Princess Street is the main shopping street in Edinburg and werar affluent city residents would have gone tohave portraits taken. The portrait is undated and we are not sure how to date it. We would guess the 1870s, but our Scottish sarchive is to small to date it with sany certainty.

We note some of the fancy styles like long hair and ringlets that were worn by English boys to the south. We notice a few Scottish boys wearing riunglerts curls in both the 19th and 20th centuries. Here we see an example from the mid-19th century (figure 1). On the previous page there is an example from the early-20th century. Our limited archive makes it impossible to assess just how common ringlet curls were in Scotland. They do not seem to be very common. We think they were less common than in England, certainly less common than in America. We think social class and income levels were major factors. Ringlets were time consuming and were not a style that were worn by working-class boys, even younger boys. The examples we have found so far were relatively short ringlets, sat least avove the shoulders. We are not yet sure of the age range. We think it was mostly pre-school boys wearing them.


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