NAZI-Soviet Non-Agression Pact: Terminology

Figure 1.--Here Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and NAZI Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop smile before the cameras after the signing of the NAZI-Soviet Non-Agression Pact (August 23, 1939). The Pact made the two totalitarin nations allies who proceeded to divide Europe between them. The world was shocked, but Hitler and Stalin had a great deal in common. And within days the German Panzers and Soviet tamks were invading neighboring countries. After Hitler invaded the Soviet Union (June 1941), photographs like this were very embarassing to Stalin. He ordered the NKVD to purge Soviet libraries of images like this. NKVD agents proceeded to cut photographs and articles out of the newspapers and magazines in libraries. Many Russian readers object to Soviet Union being called an aggresor nation and a NAZI ally. But seein the smiling Stalin and Ribentrop here leaves little doubt that they had just become allies. Image source: U.S. National Archives, no. 208-AA 175QQ-Z

The NAZIs and Soviets for cosmetic reasons called the Pact a 'non-aggression pact'. It was in reality an aggession treaty and both counties after signing the Pact just did that (1939-41). Russians assure us that there was no aggessive intent and the pact was not an alliance. One Russian correspndant tells us, "1: The Soviet Union was considered apart of the allies in World War Two. 2: Germany and the Soviet Union were NEVER allies, nor did the Soviet Union support the Nazis. They made a trade deal, and they made a Nazi-Soviet pact agreement not to attack each other. 3: The Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany did not invade Europe, and split it between themselves. The Soviet also didn't help start the war too. The War started after Germany invaded Poland. The Soviets didn't invade till two weeks into World War 2 started. They only split Poland in two." [Kachersky] But the fact shows overwuse. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact opened the way for the most massive explosion of aggression amd mass murder in Europe since Attila the Hun. (There was a reason that Churchill called the Germans Huns.) Both the NAZIs and Soviets invaded large numbers of countries as well as committed barbaric atrocities beyond human comprehension (1939-41). The Sovies invade Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Romania. Germany proceeded to attack Poland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Brtain, Greece, and Yugoslavia. The Pact became known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. This was because neither Hitler or Stalin wanted to too directlky associated with the Pact and the agression it made possible. The Pact was signed in Moscow. Hitler was not there. Stalin was and the photographs of the signing by the two foreign ministers show him in the background. This was in effect a military alliance, complete with a secret protocol on invading and partitioning Europe. The two countries also arranged exchange of militarty importance. The Soviets delivered oil and strategic materials. The NAZIs pledged to deliver advanced military and machine tools, but never met their commiments. There were also conferences to coordinate their war aims. Molotov participated in a Berlin Conference (November 1940). This was not an Axis conference, but it was a meeting betweem the NAZIs and Soviets while the two countries were still allies. In it Molotov pursued the Soviet desire to join the Axis.


Kachersky, Drizharev. Дрижарев Качерскій. Personal comminication (July 10, 2019).


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