* World War II -- aftermath humanitarian crisis shortages

World War II Aftermath: Shortages

Figure 1.--The European economy was devestated by World War II. There were shortages of everything, but by far the most serious of all the shirtages was food. And as after World War I it was America that kept Europe from starving. Nuch of the fiid aid came thriugh the new United Statioins structure, but after the War this mean lkargely American food. Here the U.S. Army is involved in a feeding program, we think in Italy. The photograph was dated on Christmas, December 25, 1947.

Afrer World War II there were shortages of everything. Not in America, but the United States was the only beligerant power which actually iincreased licing standards during the War. And after the War the beligerant powers , both victors and defeated, experienced shoerahes of everything. The most serious shortage was food. There were also shortages of clothing, fuel, housing, medicine, and other needed supplies. The war time destruction was massive. And not only because of the actual fighting. The Germans in particular destriyed tiwns and villafes as part of Ooerationplan Ost to eliminare the populations in the lands they coveted. The Soviers as they retreated east pursued a scortched earth policy to deny valuable productive assetts to the Germans (1941-41). The Germans did the same as they in turn retreated west (1943-44). Hitler even ordered German infrastructure be desroyed in the final months of the War. He felt that without him, gthe German people had no reason to live. Enormous damage was done by Axis and Allied bombing. Most of the damge was done in the cities where factories were located. The Allies wanted to damage Axis war economies. The German in yhe east wanted to destroy the great cities of the east and cobvert the East into a vast agrcultural colony. While the damage was the most severe in the cities, extensive damage was dine on the countryside, especially in the East. And even what was produced could not be trasported. The German transport ststem was totally wrecked and huge damage was done to the tansport system in Italy, france, and other countries. The sitiation varied from country to country as well as the severity of the shortages. But the most severe shortages in most countries was food. This was especially the case in the East where both the Sovuets and NAZIs alternativeky destroyed farm wquioment. The NAZUs destriyed whole villages. Italy was also in bad shape because of the campaign all the way up the peninsula.


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