World War II Air Campaign: British Evacuation of Children--Children's Homes

Figure 1.--Here we see younger evcuee children at a chidren's home at Kilronan (winter 1940-41). Note that they are all toddlers. Cill Rónáin (Kilronan) is the main settlement on Inishmore, one of the Aran Islands off the western coast of Ireland. We were not aware that British children were cared for in Ireland. They may have been children from Belfast. The home received money raised by the American Junior Red Cross. Source: Imperial War Museum.

Most of the British evacuee children were taken in by families. There were also institutions involved, homes that took in the children. Here our information is still very limited. We do not know much about these homes. They may have been children's homes that already excisted and they took in extra children. Some may have been organized for the emergency. We have been unable to find information on these children's homes and just how important they were in caring for evacuee children. We are also not sure about the groups opening and supporting these homes. The Government may have operted some. There were also private charrities. We do know that funding drives in America helped support these homes. The homev here in Ireland was supported by the American Junior Red Cross (figure 1). We would be interested in any information readers may have about this subject. Nor are we sure about just which children were sent to these homes rather than assigned to families. Age may have been a factor.


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Created: 4:58 AM 12/31/2011
Last updated: 4:58 AM 12/31/2011