D-Day Commemorations

Figure 1.--D-Day commenorations re held in mny differnt countries. This event was held at a school in South Africa.

There are a variety of commemorations of D-Day in different countries. The commemoration here was held in South Africa (figure 1). Some are heald at schools. France hosts an annual commemoration on the Normandy beaches to honor the brave men who fought there to liberate Europe. French President Jacques Chirac in 2004 has invited German Chancellor Schroeder to attend the 60th anniversary commemoration of the Allied D-Day landings. He will be the first Germn Chancellor invited to attend the commemoration. The French who organize the anniversary ceremonies did not invite Chancellor Kohl for the major 50th anniversary in 1994. The invition is a sign of the extent of the reconciliation between the two countries. Schroeder whose father was killed during Wold War II only 2 months after his birth has accepted the invitation. A French reader writes, "France has invited 100 Americain veterans to commemorate the historic D-Day landings in Normandy. They are expected this afternoon and will be received with greatest honor. They will be decorated by our President Chirac; who will award them the most prestigious French decoration--the " Légion d'Honneur ". These veterans will be hosted in the most beautiful palace of Paris. Sunday in company of your President Bush an important ceremony will take place at the Normandy beaches in the same place when 60 years earlier, the Americans, British, and Canadians sacrificed their lives for the liberation our country. For all French these men are heros and have a place in our heart."


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Created: June 7, 2004
Last updated: June 7, 2004