Italian Campaign: Civilians--Reaction toAllied Advance (1943-45)

World War II Italian reaction to Allied advance
Figure 1.--Here an Italian familky talks with the newly arrived Americans. The poress caption read, "US. soldiers talk with new friends in Paestum: This friendly scene showing an Italian family chatting with the newly arrived U.S dsoldiersafter the latter occupied the town of Paeseum, Italy, was recorded by international news photo pool photographer Sam Schulman was with the invading Fifth Army." The photograph was dated September 28, 1943.

As Allied armies bean moving north up the Italian Peninsula, they were gerally treated as liberators. The fact that Italy had been one of the Axis partners and a partner with the Germans was forgotten. A factor was the attrocities committed by the Germans as they seized control of Italy. The Italian population was never close to the Germans to begin with. The ferocity with which they ruled occupied Italy only confirmed the attitudes held by many. The Italians may not have had warm feelings toward the Britih, but their was no real animosity. Here the relations with British forces swas complicated by the many different nationalities (Canadians, French, Jewish, Moroccans, New Zealnders, Polish, and others) who fought with the British. The mericans were another matter. Most Italians were mistified s to why they were fighting the Americans. ManyItalians had been go America. (The Italians were the one immigant grop here manyafter earning a littlemoney returned hom.) Many others had reltives who emigrated to America and stayed. They wrote back home in glowing terms about America, causing more Italians to emograte. Thus Americans were freeted with considerable ethuism as they moved north. And none more than the Italian-Americansij the U.S. Army. It was like a home coming. The Germans would greet the advancing U.S. Army th sulen resignatin. This was not the case in Italy.


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