World War II German Military Weaknesses: Natural Resources

Figure 1.-- One of Germany's greatest weaknesses was the lack of many vital natural resources to supply factories. The most critical resource Germany lacked was petroleum, but Germany also needed to import iron ore and many other industrial metals. Germany was only able to pursue the War for 6 years because its Soviet ally shipped it vast quantities of natural bresources (1939-41) and its early conquests gave it access to the natural resources of other European countries. Here DJ boys collect scrap metal. The photograph is undated but looks to be very early in the War, perhaps October 1939.

The children here are Deutche Jugend (DJ) boys, the younger division if the Hitler Jugend (HJ). The boys are gathering scrap metal to be turned in for use in the war effort. The effort to gather scrap metal was a part of the many activities the HK was involved with to support the war effort. This is something the the Boy Scouts in America also did after the United states enterd the War. The boys are wearing their winter uniforms. Some have knee socks on while others are wearing brown long stockings. It seems to have been a choice. Or perhaps their mothers would decide whether their sons should wear long stockings or knee socks during the winter months. The HJ tended to be strict about the uniform, with the exception of hosiery and footwear. The photograph comes from an archive a reader found dated 1934-39. This is an interesting photo taken in Germany about 1938-39 just on the eve of the war or perhaps just after it began. The photograph is undated, but was clearly taken after the weather turned cool. It looks to us to be very early in the War, perhaps October 1939.


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Created: 8:09 PM 3/10/2010
Last updated: 8:09 PM 3/10/2010