Post-World War II Poland: Children

Figure 1.--We know very little about this Polish boy. It was a United Nations photograph taken in 1946. He is clearly recovering from terrible experience during the War in whicvh he almpost starverd. We suspect the photogeraph was tsaken in a DP camp in Germsny. On the back of the photo is a typed title clippings which read 'Polish lad of 16' and 'Peace time finds children of Europe still starving'.

We notice large numbers of Polish children in terrible condition in the wake of retreating German forces and after the War. Most of the available images so not describe their experiences during the War. Te Polish economy and many cities were in ruin. Food was in short supply. The children in the worst condition were those displaced by the War, especially those in German camps, both concentrtion camps and work camps. Thisdincluded camps both in Poland and the Reich. Many no longer had parents. Many were starving. Not all of the displaced children were the result of the NAZI occupation. There There were also childen that had survived Soviet deportation (1939-41) and reached the Allied forces in the Middle East through Iran. It is dificult to know just how many displaced Polish children there were after the War in Poland, Germany, and other countries.


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Created: 8:17 AM 4/24/2010
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