Holocaust Denyers and Apologists

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One of the interesting aspects of working on HBC is the opportunity to exchange ideas with people all over the world. This has been a wonderful learning experience exposing me to information and views that help broaden my parochial American views. Much of the material received has been used in the various pertinent HBC pages. We also receive eMail messages that relect hateful thought and prejudices. Much of this material is anti-Semetic thought, largely from Muslim readers. The outright hate thought I simply ignore. We encourage wide-ranging discussion of historical issues on HBC and I often include material criticising our pages or my point of view. The one thing I will not tolerate is hate speech. Some of this material is pure and simple hate speech written my people who are both ignorant and evil. They continually spout proven lies. In other cases we receive messages from students and young people who are not evil people, but influences by the extensive anti-Semetic literature circulating in the Muslim world. Some of this correspomdence with our assessment is perhaps worth considering. HBC readers are invited to comment.

Anirb Bhattacharya

A reader writes, "I read 2 books on Hitler last year by Ian Kershaw, his bestsellers titled Hubris & Nemesis. It deals with the Holocaust among other things. Perhaps you've read both books. I have a suggested topic, which you may not have considered & it deals with should Holocaust studies also incl. accounts of those who were in the Einsatzgruppen I write this because the concentration camp guards & the Einsatzgruppen who shot Jew men, women & children are eyewitnesses. If for no other reason, let them tell us why they did it. This maybe out of line, but it's a fact that Stalin's chief henchmen were Jewish & Jews were disproportionately involved in sending millions of Soviet citizens to their deaths in the GULag in the former USSR. Do you think the Holocaust was a retaliatory strike As known, there were also Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians & others who killed Jews. In Nemesis, there's the account of a Lithuanian who clubbed a Jewish family to death & then played the Lithuanian Natl. anthem on an accordion. From the standpoint of hearing accounts of those who committed the Holocaust, shouldn't we also hear the account of this Lithuanian man to know why he did it In Poland a disproportionate # of bankers were Jewish & they charged people high interest rates-quite a few Poles collaborated with the Nazis for different reasons incl. this 1. This maybe out of line, but if there hadn't been a HOlodomor against Gentiles in the former USSR committed mainly by Stalin's Jewish henchmen, would there have been a Holocaust Nazis certainly used deeds of Stalin's Jewish henchmen to justify their deeds. No, this is not Holocaust revisionism. You may accuse this of anti-Semitism & Holocaust jusitification, but the fact remains that disproportionately Jewish henchmen sent millions of Gentiles to their deaths in the former USSR. Incidentally, the late Simon Wiesenthal saw nothing wrong with rape if the rapist is Jewish & the victim is a Gentile girl. What do you think of all of this, because the media continues to not give the whole story of Simon Wiesenthal-who thought murder is OK if committed by Jews against Gentiles such as in the former USSR. [Bhattacharya]

HBC Comment: Note your statement, "... it's a fact that Stalin's chief henchmen were Jewish." This is not a fact. It is anti-Semetic venom. Stalin was a noted anti-Semite. It is true that some of Stalin's henchmen were Jewish. There were many Jews in the Soviet Union and it simple mathematics that some would be involved in Stalinist crimes. Many more were targetted by Stalin. Try reading real historians--men like Solzhenitsyn. Try "The Gulag Archepeligo". There you can read about the Old Bolshevicks, a number of whom were Jewish, and were prime targets in Stalins Great Terror before the War. What is true is that Stalin was raised a Christian as were most of his henchmen. Does this therefore justify sending Christian children to gas chambers? Of course not. The Grand Mufti of Jeurusalem spent the War in Berlin and incouraged Himmler and Eichmann to kill more Jews. He helped organize SS units in Bosnia and Kosovo. Those units killed Jews, Serbs and others. Does that make Psalestinians responsible? Using your logic it does. The Holocaust was a crime. And anti-Semitism is pure and simple prejudice and ignorance. There are plenty of books you can find which spout anti-Semetic venom. These books and their authors are rejected by serious historians. The question you should ask yourself is just what would Hitler have done to the Arabs and other Muslims had the NAZIs won the War. Look at what the Italian Fascists did in Libya. And read how the NAZIs ranked Arab people in their racist ranking of different people. The calumny about Simon Wiesenthal who lost his family in the Holocaust is a reprenhensible lie and not worthy of comment. It does nothing to besmirch the noted work of Wiesenthal and simply reflects on the character of individuals who would make such an outrageous lie.


Bhattacharya, Anirb. E-Mail message, April 14, 2007.


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