World War II: Race--Japan

Japanese World War II racism
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The Japanese also had highly racist attitudes which showed in their treatment of Koreans, Chinese, and other subject peoples. Japanese attrocities are less publicized, but resulted in the deaths of even more people than fell victim to NAZI racist policies. Japan began its coloianlist expansion with the Sino-Japanese War (1895). The military gradually expanded its political role, especially after World war I. The military in the 1930s seized control of the Japanese Government, this was symbolized by the appointment of Gerneral Tojo as primeminister (1941). Virulently racist beliefs were common place in Japan. This is one reason the Japanese reacted so strongly to American/European efforts to limit naval contruction at the Washington Naval Talks (1921). Japanese racist attitudes were not just expressed toward Europeans. They also saw Chinese, Koreans, Ainu, and other Asians as inferiors. Japanese policies after the Menji resoration were aimed at moderizing Japan economically. As aresult, Japan by the 1930s was the most advansed industrial power in Asia. That industrial base allowed Japan to dominate Asian countrie, including Japan. Many Japanese saw there predominant situation as a result of their racial superiority. These racist attitudes were a factor in the terrible attrocities committed by the Japanese during the War. It certainly affected their treatment of POWs and interned civilians.


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