Private Relief Organizations: Unidentified Relief Efforts

Figure 1.--This press photo show a privare effort to gather relief supplies for World War II refugees. The caoption read," Doing their four-ply bit for the victory clothing drive are the cut[e] Zarief Quadruplets, children of Mr. And Mrs. Harry Zarief, of New York City, who are shown donating some of their own articles of clothing for the use of unfortunate children in Post World War 2 areas. The 22-month Zarieff Quads are (left to right) Ellen, Isadora, Ben and Elaine at their home." The photograph is dated January 29, 1946.

We notice private efforts in Ameica to collect food and other relief supplies like blankets and clothing. There was strong desire to assist the people left destitute by the War. Much of the interest was to aid Europeans, but their was aid going to Europe as well, both China and Japan. Usually the sporsoring organization was indicated, but in some instances we have found images in which the sponsor was not identified. The need was so great that Government-funded programs were desperately needed. But the private humanitarian efforts were also important in assisting the millions whose lives were disrupted and damnaged by the War--both adults and children.


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