German Fascism: NAZI Pagentry

Figure 1.--Here a Hitler Youth unit march through Weimar--wear Germany's democratic government was founded after World War I. The occassion is the 10th annual celebration of NAZI Party Day during 1941. National Archives, Foreign Records Seized.

Pagentry was an important art of the spectacular sccess of the movement in Germany. Hitler's speeches and NAZI pagentry were commonly the subject of parody in Britain and Ameruca. In Germany the theater of Fascism proved frightingly effective. Hitler grafted a new NAZI mythology on Germany's existing celebrations and holidays. Many German national and Christain holidays simply had NAZI pagentry and Hitler worship added. Most Germans accepted the inovations as the natural course of events. Hitler's birthday (April 20) began a major celebration. I assume that the Kaiser's birthday had been an important celebration during the Imperial era, but need to confirm this. Important NAZI festivities like Hitler's birthday became pagan entravaganzas with spectacular totch-light parades. During the day his picture appeared in shop windows throughout Germany xfraped in laurels. May Day celebrations had the traditional may poles, but along with the dancing the NAZIn added columns of banner waving, unifirmedcworkers and Hitler Youth. The summer solice (June 22) became the occassions for huge bonfires. Celebrants would then toss in wreathes to NAZI heros. Couples then leaped over the fire. The Nuremburg Party Fstival coincided with the Fall equinox. This was the occassion for a week of celebrations. Incorporated in this week were Worker's Day, Hitler Youth Day, Party Leader's Day, and Brown Shirt Day. Closing Day was theclimax with fireworks, tirch light parades, massed bands, banners, andc huge numbers of uniformed men marching.



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Created: 6:30 AM 8/30/2004
Last updated: 6:30 AM 8/30/2004