Retail Stores Handling Boys' Clothing: National Cloak & Suit Company (United States)

Figure 1.--Her we see outfits for younger boys offered by National in 1912. We see a younger boy's Norfolk suit made in corduroy and a short and kneepants set a fore-ruuner of the shorts sets pipular at mid-century.

The National Cloak and Suit company is not a firm we know much about. All we know at this time is that it was located in New York. It appears to be a substantial company. We notice the company advertising in the February 1903 issue of the Delineator. We notice a catalog offering wommen's clothes ("My Lady's Wardrobe") for Spring-Summer 1904. The first catalog we notice offering a full range of clothing is from 1909, but there may have been earlier ones. The 1912 catalog contains a wide range of merchandise. any National 1912 garments are archived on the American 1912 catalog page. We do not know when the company was founded, but the use of "cloak" in the company name suggests an older company. We also do not know when company closed. We do note a 1920 catalog with very stylish women's clothes. As far as we know, it was purely a catalog company.


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