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Historical Girls' Clothing: Countries--Belgium

Belgian girl dresses
Figure 1.--This photo-back post card shows an unidentified Belgian girl with a huge bow and a dress which seems to have folk touches. The huge bow was basically a 1910s style that began to decline in the 1920s. We are not sure how toi date the portrait, but would guess about 1920. Note the lace head covering. There is some studio information t thelower right, but we can not read it.

Belgium is a small country pnce part of the Spanish Netherlands in the lowlands between Germany and France. The population is split between the Flemish related wih the Dutch to the North and the Waloons related with the French to the south, but both sharing Catholcism. The country is heavily industrialized with a sizeable agricultural sector. Industrialization meant that the country was fairly affluent with families able to addord the latest fashions. All of this of course affects fashion trends. We do not know of any destinctive modern styles. As was the case throuhjout Europe, girls until the 20th century all wore dresses and skirts. What we see for the most part are styles influenced by French and German trends. Belgium had a substantial African colonial empire which hhad an economic impact, but virtully no impact on fashion. There are some interesting folk styles which basically disappeared around World War I except for festivals and ceremonies.


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