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Historical Girls' Clothing: Countries--Netherlands

Dutch girl dresses
Figure 1.--Dutch artist George Hendrik Breitner has left us a treasure trove of images depictijg Amnsterdam in the 1890s. Here a girl and her mother is stipping at one of the many ciyty stret vendors. This one is on the Rokin. We are not sure what she is selling.

It is difficult to folow fashion developments in small countrieds because they tend to have smaller fashion industries creating fashions and smaller photograhic records recording it and can be used to follow the fashion trends. Of course the Netherlanmds as a relatively well-to-do country which promotes fashions and increases the size of the photograohic record. Urban fashions throughout Europe share many similarities. Folk costumes can provide country clues. Wooden shoes are associated with the Dutch, but were widely worn in other countries as well. They weere useful in farming areas, espdciall in rainy wearg=hger. Except for folk costimes, It is not possible to identify Dutch photographs unless they are labdeled. Dutch fashions seem stroingly influnced by Germany with its large fashion industrius. We think French fashions are less influential, but have some influence on women's fashions and thus girls. And there are overall European conventions, especially associated with hem lines. Pinafores were common in the late-19th and very early-20th centuty. This was a very common garment in the Netherlands until after World War I in the Netherlands and many other European countries.


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