Historical Girls' Clothing: Countries--Romania

Romanian girl dresses
Figure 1.-- Here is a rather elegantly attired Romanian girl in 1939. She could not be out of place anyhere in Europe. It is a formal outfit evidenced with the white gloves and white long stockings. She also has a huge white hair bow. Just large hair bows were more common earlier at least in America and Western Europe. We are less sure about Romania. She was not from fashionable Bucharest, but from Brașov in the Transylvania region of Romania, ringed by the Carpathian Mountains.

Romania until after World War II was a country split between a modern urban population and a peasant rural pipulation. This was the case throughout the Balkans where unlike much of Western Europe was not highly industrialized. There wre a range of reasons for this. Much of the region languished for several centuries unfer backward Ottoman cintrol. Other areas of the region were under Austrian vontrol which did not promote industrislization. The region was also largely untouched by the Reformation. Also the Balkans were outside the major trade routes which helped to make modern Europe. Other factors were involved. For what ever reason the split in Romanian society could be seen in fashion. Girls in yhe contry side still wore peasnt dress which was becoming a kind of folk costume. In the cities girls might wear fashionable dresses and other outfits depending on social class meaning the family finances. We do not notice any spcific Romanian styles, but basic European styles. German fashions seem inflential reflecting the importance of the German fashion industry.


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Created: 10:18 AM 12/22/2017
Last updated: 10:18 AM 12/22/2017