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Historical Girls' Clothing: Scotland

Scottish girl dresses
Figure 1.--This CDV portrait shows three Scottish children, "Dora Howie aged 8 years & 4 months, Nellie Howie aged 6 years, 4 months, William Howie, aged 2 years & 5 months". The girls wear elaborate dresses with lace collasrs. Their little brother wears a simple velvet dress. Notice the top curl. The portrait was taken in September 1883. The studio was J. Paton in Greenock.

We do not know a great deal about girls' clothing in Scotland. We do know that until after the mid-20th century Scottish girls like girls in other countries mostly wore dresses. as far as we know styles were identical to those worn in England. There were of course plaid dresses and skirts. Presumably they were more common in Scotland thsn Englasnd, but the photographic record does not show that either was particularly common. There does not seem to be anything comparble to boys Highland kilt outfits. This was one reason tht Aboyne outfits were created. There are two different styles, but this is a fairly modern creation and only worn for dance competitions. Unlike the similar dirdl fashion in Germany, it is not a style commonly worn even for folk ce;ebrations. We only see it bing worn by Higland dancers. We have begun to collect information on girls dresses, but at this time see no real difference between England and Scotland.


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