Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--March 2013

Figure 1.--Here I am in 1946 about 3 years old wearing ayellow T-shirt. T-shirts had become standard. Most of my T-shirts were striped. We suspect that the artist didn't want to deal with the stripes.

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March 31

Sierra Leone: History

March 30

American styles: Early-20th century

March 29

American kilt suits: Chronology--1890s garments

English classic cabinet card: he 1890s

World War II: English boy scouts

French choirs: PCCB history--Post-War history

French choirs: PCCB trip to the Americas

American skirts: Prevalence

March 28

World War II: Japanese military forces

American Civil War: Soldier welfare

March 27

American Little Lord Fauntleroy Garments: Pin-on Collars--Suit Types

Greek Civil War: Biographies--Alexander Papagos

March 26

American dresses: Accompanying clothing--Pants

World War II: Liberation of the Netherlands south of the Rhine

Ancient civilizations: Elam

March 25

World War II: Battle of Britain--Luftwaffe Losses

March 24

World War II: Bulge Offensive--U.S. 9th Armored Division

March 23

World War II: Anglo-American Alliance--Personal reltionships

March 22

NAZI Hunger Plan: Country trends

American hair style: Gender trends--Unidentified images

March 21

Diesterweg School (1953)

Sri Lankan history: British colonial era

Central African Republic: History

March 20

American support garments: Sigsbee underwaists (1891)

Sri Lankan history

March 19

American kilt suits: Styles

March 18

American cut-away jackets: 1850s--Shirts, blouses, collars, and neckwear

Albanian boys activities

March 17

Iranian education

March 14

American peaked caps: Suits

American President Grant: Retirement

Niger schools

Japanese Boy Scout history: 1930s

March 13

Roylty: India

American catalogs: 1899

Irish chronology: Early-20th century

New Caledonia

Brazilian holidays: Easter

Indonesian Christianity: Denominations

March 12

American boy: Rich (1940s-50s)

American boy: Dennis--Jeans (1940s-50s)

American floppy bows: Chronology 1900s--Accompanying clothes

Movie reviews: Congo crossing

March 11

World War II: German surrender in Italy

World War II Holocaust: Ghetto purposes: Reduce consumption

March 10

Spanish Civil War: Basque refugee children--Mexico

Cold War: Berlin with the Wall (1960s-80s)

American knicker suits: Chronology--The 1940s

Mexican history: Conquest of Mexico--Military campaign

March 9

World War II: American industrial capacity

March 8

Hungarian schools: Independent Hungary (1918-45)

Hungarian Fauntleroy suits

American chronology: Late-19th century--Age trends

March 7

American catalogs and ads: 1954

American catalogs and ads: 1961

German sailor suits: Gender trends--The -1900s

March 6

African empires: Kongo Kingdom

African empires and kingdoms

Geography: The Sahara Desert

Mrch 5

Oriental Jewish Refugees (Mizrahim): Countries--Iran

American peaked caps: Usage

March 4

American school: Pear Tree school

Seychelles schools

March 3


Long stockings: Country trends: More work here.

American 1890s chronologies: Children's garments

March 2

American sailor suits: Ages--1870s

São Tomé and Príncipe

March 1

American ads: Schwepps Ginger Ale (1954)

Réunion schools

Central African Republic

Peruvian history: Spanish conquest--Military phase


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