Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--July 2013

Figure 1.--Here we see an Irush step dancer boy in an grey and orange performance costume. Notice the embroidery in the sleeves abd the matching orange knee socks as well as the tie. Colorful costumes like this seemed popular with the younger boys and their moms.

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July 31

School uniform: Suits and blazers--Type of school

World War II: NAZI bios: Bernhard Rust

English headwear: 20th century chronology

Russian/American photograhers: Roman Vishniac

NAZI Holocaust: DP camps

July 30

World War II: German food situation after thec War

American ringlet curls: Family trends

NAZI Holocaust: Hunger Plan--Implementation

July 29

English families: The Bonds (1848)

Hitler Youth: Early aviation activities

July 28

Native Americans: archaic stage

Austrian families: Koschuh family

Argentine First Communion suits: Hosiery

Ancient Egypt: The arts

Swedish family: Unidentified 1940 famiky

July 27

Agriculture: Sugar--History

Chinese economy: Colonial era

English hair styles: The 19th century

English hosiery: Colors

Cold War: Berlin Air Lift--Allied effort

German blouse jacket suits: Types

July 26

World War II: Types of artillery


Latin America: Regions

July 25

United States: Knee pants--Length

United States: Short pants suits--Regional differences

July 24

Argentine religions

Early homomoids: Homo genus

American catalogs and ads: Slipova rompers (1921)

German schools: Confessional schools--NAZI era

American hair styles: Center part--19th century

July 23

English school uniform: Ages

World War II: Allies regroup in eastern India

July 22

World War II aftermath: Hunanitarian crisis

American 1890s hair styles

Stone age developments: Art

July 21

Dutch family: Doorn-Broeren family (1930)

English long stocking colors: White

July 20

New Zealand school footwear: School types

July 19

American boys: Percy King Sparks

July 18

New Zealand school uniform: Footwear--Seasonality

Scottish school uniform: Footwear types

July 17

New Zealand school uniform pants and trousers

Hungarian nationalist youth group

Irish step dancing: Competition ages

World War II bios: Admiral Halsey

July 16

World War II: Japanese propaganda

Swiss film: Die Kinder vom Nampf

World War II: German civilian attitudes after the War

July 15

World war II: Liberation of the Dutch north of the Rhine--Western provinces

American sailor blouses: Traditional styling

Belgian suits: Types of pants

English striped stockings: Chronology

July 14

Yugoslav youth groups: Adriatic Guard

Yugoslav nationalist youth groups

German sailor blouses: Chronology

July 13

Indonesian schools: Dutch era

Ukranian famine: Gareth Jobnes

American illustrator: Charles Darter Weldon

American boy: John R. Dickhant

July 12


American knee socks: Age trends

World War II: British Overseas Evacuations--Special groups

Ancient people: Hebrew mythology

July 11

Italian artists: Caravaggio

History of law

New Guinea

July 10

World War II: Weapons--Hand-held anti-tank weapons

Irish artists: Tevor Flower

American boy: John C Koch

July 9

Irish step dancing: Costumes; Jacket cuts

Danish artists: Carl Heinrich Bloch

July 8

Irush dancing jsackts: Embroidery

World War II: Battle of the Bulge--Refugees

Romanian garments

July 7

World War II: German pilot assignments

World War II: German anti-Partisan activities--Periods

Hungarian suits

July 6

Irish step dancing: Types

English movies: Soapbox Derby

Movie reviews: Sm-Sq films

Irish dance costumes: Shirts

July 5

English sailor suit pants: Type

Irish dancing: Types

English film industry: The 20th century

Irish step dancing costumes: Colors

July 4

Cold War: Pacifisn

Irish step dancing: Benefits

July 3

American 1880s hair styles: Longish styles

Italian altar servers: Gender

French art: Boilley--Body of work

July 2

French kilt suits: Prevalence

Movie reviews: American films--Home Alone

July 1

Chinese Civil War: Final phase

Italian altar boys: Chronology


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