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African history
Figure 1.--Thev modern history of Africa has been scarred a large number of conflicts. Many were wars associated with independence from European colonialism. These with the exception of Algeria mostly occured in southern Africa. Since ibdependence there have been a large numbers of civil wars, but only a few between the new African states. The primary exception has been the wars in East Africa involving Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Somalia. Particularly brutal civil wars have and in several cases still are being fought in Algeria, Angola, Congo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Mozambique, and Nigeria. The wars and violence have been fueled by ethnic rivalries, ideology, political power strugles religion (especially Islam), and other issues. The Cold War was a factor in intensifying the various struggles because of the modern weapons that flowed into the area. These wars and conflicts have scattered uneploded ordinance all over the continent like the bomb here in East Africa. And even greater problem has been land mines. These wars have been a factor, but not the major one, in Africa's inability to benefit from the economic opportunities of independence.

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August 31

Micronesia: American Truseeship

North American Native American tribes: The Mowhawks

August 30

World War II: Canada--Industry

August 29

World War II: Asia--Colonialism and Liberation

African history: Independent countries

August 28

President Grant

American 1860s dresses: Elements

August 27

American children's headwear: Gender

World War II: British tanks

August 26

English rompers: Conventions

August 25

American kilt and kilt-likr garments: Usage

American kilt suit garments: Knee pants

August 20

Canadian suit chronology

August 18

German 1950s chronology: Garments

American high-top shoes: Chronology--the 1900s

American high-top shoes: Chronology--19th century

American high-top shoes: Closures

German high-top shoes

August 17

School styles: The 1920s

French suits: Pants and trousers

August 16

American hightop 20th century chronology

August 15

World War II: Stauffenberg kids

August 14

American high-top shoes: Chronology

August 13

French hair cuts: Medium curls

August 12

German Fauntleroy suits: Chronology

August 11

American TV shows: The Rifelman

August 10

NAZI bios: Albert Speer

Speer marriage

August 4

NAZI Hunger Plan: Implementation (More info)

August 3

American hosiery: 1870s: Gender

August 2

American collar-buttoning jackets" Matching pants

American photography: Types

American sailor suits: Pants type )(early-20th century)

August 1

World War II: Weapons--Small arms country trends


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