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Canadian history
Figure 1.--It has taken a while for Canadian national feeling to take root. At first it was primarily the idea that Canadians did not want to be Americans. (Something it took Americans two wars to figure out.) French Canadians at first decided that the British would protect their unique culture better than the Americans, the same calculation Native Americans made although with less success. And the English-speaking Canadians did not develop the same geviences that Americans did, perhaps there because there was not a long tradition of self rule in Canada as there was in America. As a result, at the turn of the 20th-century, many Canadians still thought of themselves as British more than Canadians as apparently does this boy in British Colombia and his parents. The cabinent card portarit is not dated, but was probably taken around 1900-05.

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September 30

German suspender rompers: Usage

Canadian sailor suits; Chronology--20th century

Canadian history

American schools: Jackson School, 1949


September 29

World War II: British Overseas Evacuations--Ships

Samoa: Garments

World War II: Italian Campaign--The Gustav Line

German education: NAZI approach

September 28

American cap chronology: The 1860s

World War II: Italy--Civilian air casualties

September 24

World War II: Malta--Last years

September 21

World War II: German concentration camps--Children

September 20

World War II: Soviet Einsatzgruppen--Orders

September 19

English beach clothing: Playwear--Chronology

September 18

Roman slavery: Sources

September 14

English artists: Rebecca Solomon

September 13

English artists: The Solomon family

American coordinated outfits: Gender trends

September 12

World War II: German machine guns

September 2

Economics: Measures of state success

American kilt suit headwear: Boaters

September 1

English romper gender: Ages

English romper chronology: Playwear

English romper chronology: The 1920s

American Fauntleroy kilt suits: Accompaying clothiong

American hair styles: Long uncurled hair


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