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Figure 1.--This is an unidentified portrait of three Scottish boys, presumably brothers wearing identical green sweaters, kilts, knee socks, and tan bucks. It is a modern portrait, but we have no idea who the three boys are or who painted them. The painting is signed, but we can not make out the signature. Given the bucks, we would guess the painting as done in the 1960s. The green sweaters and knee socks with red flashes look rather like the boys attended a prep school in Crief. Also notice the leather sporan. The boys look to be about 5-10 years old. By the 1960s it was generally boys from well-to-do families that wore kilts, but Scottiosh Scouts alao wore them as well. You also saw them at schools, but mostly at private schools.

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October 31

Southn America: Regions

World War II: Polish deportees reach safty in Iran

October 29

Th Holocaust: Szydlow Ghetto

October 28

World War II: Japanese home front More work here.

American suits: Knicker cuffs

American Polar Patrol play suit(1930)

American knickers: Age trends More work here.

October 27

Arab slavery: Morocco

American Civil War: Virginia volunteer--Stafford


October 26

American wait union suit (1919)

American family: Savanah Afro-American family 1907)

Réunion slavery

Slavery: Caribbean sugar islands

German First Communion: Group variation

October 25

American child stars: Phiippe De Lacy--Regular clothes

German sailor suits: Coordimated family outfits--Prevalence

October 24

World War II: French refugees--Paris inundated

October 23

World War II: Canadian air cadets

October 19

Belgian short pants suits

Zanzibar: History

Swedish schools: Trolle Ljungby Skola

October 18

Swiss festivals: Individual festivals

Octoner 17

Schools: Residential arrangements

First Communion: Europe

October 16

World War II: German Kriegsmarine--Patrol boats

Italian boys: Malaguiti brothers

World War II: Weapons technology--Country trends

World War II: Malta--Lifting the seige

October 15

World War II: Japanese military training program

World War II: History

Korean War: America stabilize the front

Korean history

German smock chronology: The 20th century

October 14

Girls' dresses: Elements

Belgian suits: Chronology

American knee pants suits: Age conventions--14 year olds

American ringlet curls: Clothing--Sailor suits

October 13

World War II: Zeilsheim DP camp

World War II: DP camps

Scottish individual school: Parkside Primary

Latvian religion: Denominations

English family sailor suits: The 1900s

October 12

American center parts: 20th century decade trends

American cabinet cards: New style mounts--Specific styles

October 11

English cabinet cards: New style mounts

October 10

Polish music

Polish photography: Fotmats

October 9

Russian Civil War: Foreign intervention--Americans in Vladisvostock

October 8

Indonesian school uniform

October 7

Germany: Short pants length--Chronology

October 6

Final Fauntleroy era: Garments

October 5

Cold War: Cambodia

World War II: German offensive in Poland

World War II: German expulsions of Poles--Chronology

October 4

English pinafores: Age trends

Third Indo-Pakistani War

American children: Annie and Henry Jarvis

October 3

Shirt cuffs: Lace cuffs

American boy: Ivan Eugene Perry

October 2

American 20th century photography

World War II: Italian-Americans

Scottish personal experiences Some new information here.

Scottish schools: Paisley Grammar School

October 1

Unknown Scottish artists

Presidential pages: Tad Lincon--White House years without Willie

World War II: Polish-Americans

Honduran education

World War II: Dropping the atomic bomb--Hiroshima


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