Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--December 2013

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified California boy sitting on the hood of a sporty red Datsun. He wears a brightly colored red T-shirt, blue OP cord shorts, tube socks, and sneakers. He looks to be about 9 years old. OP shorts were especially popular in California. The snapshot is undated, but was probably taken about 1980. Perhaps some one will be able to identify the model year of the Datsun, although it does not look new.

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December 30

World War II: Britain Biltz on provincial cities

U.S. long stockings: Inter-War era--Gender

American boy: Ralph Sampson

High-top shoes: Chronology--19th century

Decemner 29

High-top shoes: Chronology

Englih dresses: Ages--11 year olds

High-top shoes

December 28

German boy: Paul Clemens

South American Indians: Southern tribes

Native Americans: Early proto-Indian sites

American Fauntleroy blouses: Ages--5 year olds

World War I: Aftermath

December 27

American Chips & Twigs back to school outfits

World War II: Australian home front

World War II: Pacific War--Ulihin Atoll

Italian holocaust: Individuals--Marcello Buiatti>

December 26

American manufacturers: Schelenberg company history

French movie reviews: Un sac de billes

American junior high schhol graduates (about 1910)

World War II Palestine: British policy

December 23

World War II: Ukranians joining the Germans

American schools: Age trends

American long pants: Chronology--The 1850s

Ancient Egyptian family life: The children

Chinese history: Republic--War lord era

American movies: Girl loves boy (1937)

December 22

American long stockings: Popularity

French shirts and shirt-like garments

December 21

American boy: Richard Lancaster Witzleben

Yemeni Jews: Arab view

Yemeni Jews: Isolated population

December 20

French sailor suits: Headwear

Holocaut in Poland: Jewish badges

American sack suits: 19th centtry

December 19

Workd War II: Soviet food situation--German occupied areas

German NAZI: Strength through Joy

December 18

Greek Eon: Garments

December 17

Cold War: German political milleau

December 16

Japanese middle-class family: Kamikaze pilot tainee

Indian families: Unidentified southern Indian family

World War II: Converrging Allies armies

December 15

Workd War II: Japanese occupation of China

Suez War: British and French attack

Ancient Egypt: Family life

December 14

Economic eras

English families: The 1870s

British cadet program

Argentine school uniforms: The 1930s

English families: The 1850s

December 13

American blouses: 5 year olds

World War II: LiberatiOn of Dutch internees in the DEI

World War II: Unsung heroes of Dunkirk

World War II: Greek resistance groups

German knickers: Age trends

December 12

German short pants: Age trends

Indian medieval history: The Chola

American short pants: Cord shorts

December 11

English boy: W.D. Ewart

American tunics: Headwear

American boy: Corneal Murphy

December 10

World War II: English air cadets

American catalogs: Stern brothers shirt-like garments

December 9

American catalogs: Stern Brother rompers

American catalogs: Stern Brothers: Boys' outfits

German families: 21st century

Scottish family: 1890s

December 8

French choirs: Les Petits Chanteurs de Ile de France

African economics: Famines

December 7

Iran: Islamic Revolution<./a>

Serbian schools: German school in the Banat

American bios: Walt Disney

Decenber 6

French double-breasted jackets

French sailor suits: The 1870s

Economics: Agricultural Revolution

December 5

Biographies: Julius Caesar

American knee pants: 1880s--Age trends

World War II: D-Day build-up

December 4

English school headwear: Chronology

American knicker suits: Ages (More work here)

American sailor hats: Prevalence

December 3

Iranian-Iraqi War

Iranian history

December 2

American strap shoes: Styles

American strap shoes: Chronology

American tunics: 1860s garmnts

December 1

American catalogs: Five-strap Roman sandals

American waist manufacturer

American long hair: Long uncurled hair--Moderate lengths


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