Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--April 2004

Figure 1.--English schools have had a major impact on school uniforms around the world. Many of the popular school uniform styles worn in many countries have evolved from styles originally worn in English schools.

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April 30, 2004

School uniform pants: Material

School uniform pants: More information here.

Historical plays

Movie: Die Schwabenkinder

German royalty

April 29, 2004

Mexican minoroties

Japanese films: More work here.

Unidentified Japanese movies

Unidentified movie images

American Scout uniform chromology: 2000s

English Cub jersies

English Cub pants

German Heimat films

West German films: More work here

Movie: Wo die alten Wälder rauschen

April 28, 2004

Tajik sports

Peter Pan: More work here

American Eton suit usage

Dutch Ptince Johan Friso

Unknown South African film

German short pants

American school--1925

April 27, 2004

Movie: Das Wundervon Bern

Mexican garments

Japanese royalty Mote we have added several new pages to the Japanese royalty section.

Scouting activities

Scouting Activities: Public speaking

April 26, 2004

Movie scenes

Italian minority groups

Australian school uniform: Queensland

April 25, 2004

America in World War I

Korean chronology

China in the 20th century

World War I: Age of soldiers

April 24, 2004

Emperor Akihito

Personal experiences--Bill

Japanese families

Mellin's ad


The Volksdeutsche


April 23,2004

Medieval pages

Miniature paintings


April 22, 2004

Austrian artists

Russian activities page--Some further work.

American Slavery: Women and girls

Tajikistan: Individual schools

Russia: Individual experiences

Tajikistan: The Somoni Inheritance

American school: WRA Note this is just the main page. I created several new pages which are all linked to this page. I won't list them separately here. Just click on the different links.

Russian sport

April 21, 2004


German fire fighters--21st century

Latvian chronology

April 20, 2004

Russian long stockings--the 1950s


NAZI Party schools

Russian long stocking chronology

English berets

Tajik families

Marco Polo

The Aztecs

Mexican choirs

Metropolitan Cathedral

German fire brigade youth auxilleries

German fire brigade chronology

April 19, 2004

Queen Caroline Bonaparte of Naples

Queen Hortense of Holland

King Louis Napoleon of Holland

April 18, 2004

German fire brigades: Youth auxilleries

German youth groups

Seasonal underwear

Companies: Root's Underwear

German military school

Individual German schools

Movie: The Virginian

Scotty Beckett: Films and Appearance

April 17, 2004

School sandals: Bill

Movie: King's Row

School sandals: Alan

Duke of Monmouth

Movie listings: La-Ll

Movie: The Last King

Soccer garments

Movie: Brigade--Chapter VII

Ebglish School Sandals

April 16, 2004

Boys' Outfitter

Soviet Young Pioneers: Chronology

Prince Ruppert's children

Movie: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Girl gym bloomers/rompers--National Trends

Movie: Marriage Playground--Cast

Movie listings Sa-Sz

Ra Hould

Ra Hould: Clothing

Movie: Listen Darling


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