New American Cabinet Cards: Mount Styles -- Specific Styles

knicker sailor suit

Figure 1.-- Here we see one one of the new style cabinet cards, this one with colored framing elements. The portrait was taken in 1909. It was taken at Post's Studio in Denver.

We will try here to list the various styles of new cabinet cards we have noted in the new 20th century. Vertical orientations tend to dominate as was the case for the old style cards. The two basic styles we note so far are mono color mounts and mounts with colored framing lines. The mono-colored mouts have framing devices with impressed designs. They were mostly cream colors or greyish shades of green-olive. The cards with the colored framing lines were mostly cream colors with btown or greyish framing lines. Other colors were ued, but these seem the most common. On the previous page we have one that looks rather the paper frames that would become popular. The 1912 mount is framed in color coordinated thick frame lines. This was a popular style. The studio is no longer indicated in bold lettering. In fact on some cards it is not indicated at all. Some cards were done without color frame lines, but framing was done by pressing a frame into the paper card. Here is a good example a mono-colored mount with impressed/raised framing devices dated 1908 (figure 1). This was another popular style. There may have been more styles and we will add them here as we expand this section.


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