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Studio Cabinet Card Mount Serrated / Pinked Edges: Corner Serration Chronology

Figure 1.--Here we see a boy nammed Harry from Dubuque (presumably Iowa) photographed in April 1889. He wears a knee pants suit with Norfolk styling. Note the overcoat and cap in the pillar. Dubuque could still be cold in April.

We have found these serrated and pinked cards in the late-1880s and early- mid-1890s. We are gradually refining out dating as we add cards to our archive. We think we have enough of these cards to roughly date them, but we still may be off by a few years until we acquire a larger sample.

The 1880s (1888-89)

We have found numerous serrated / pinked cabinet cards from the late-1880s. So far the earliest cabinent card we have found is dated 1888. We are not sure why these serrated /pinked cards were introduced at this time. As far as we can see, this typr of edging was entirely decorarive. he serrated-edge card from Blue Earth City, Minnesota was dated 1888. Another example is Ralph Cope, although the date was apparently writtem after the portrait was taken and a family member dated it at about 1888, apparentlky usung Ralph's age as a guide. We note an unidentified girl from Peterborough, New Hampshire dated 1889 on the previous page. She has short hair and wears a stylish dress. Here we see a boy nammed Harry from Dubuque (presumably Iowa) photographed in 1889 (figure 1). He wears a kneepants suit with Norfolk styling.

The 1890s (1890-95)

We have also found serrated / pinked cards in the early- and mid-1890s. So far we have noted these cards during 1890-95. We have found quite a few examples. We note Allan G. Moses in 1892 wearing a kilt suit. We note another serrated card of two boys in 1893. A card from Mondovi, Wisconsin was taken in 1895. This is the latest we have found so far. As we acquire additional datedcards we will refine our dating. We are not sure why the serrated / pinked edges were discontinued at this time. Apparently the pinking was not very popular with customers. This is about the time we begin to see masny new styles of cabinet cards, none of which had the serrated edges.


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