Carte de Visite (CDV): Painted on Portraits

Figure 1.-- This Baltimore boy is picture in a suit with diagonal zig-zag styling. Note that the chair has beeb painted over in a cartoonosh style. The photographer was Ferdinand Wagner (63 S.W. Corner Baltimore and Gay Streets). Wagner was born in Prussia. He began working as a Daguerreotypist (1858), but shifted to CDVs and cabinent cards in the 1860s. The CDV portrait here is undated, but looks to have been taken in the late 1860s.

We note some CDVs that have been painted over. We are not yet sure what the proper term for these portraits were. Often the background looks more like a cartoon than a photographic portrait. Note we are not talking about tinting here which modified the color, but not the image. Here we are tlking about major changes in the ikage itself. We first see these painted over portraits in the 1860s with CDVs, They were not very common, but we note a few. We are not entirely sure what this was done. We think there was a certain prestige associated with apainted portrait. Perhaps this is why these painted over portraits were done. I am not sure about the pricing.


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Created: 7:44 PM 9/29/2008
Last updated: 7:44 PM 9/29/2008