Historic Presidential Boys' Clothing: The 21st Century

Figure 1.--.

The clothing worn by presidents as children and the clothing worn by their children are a good reflection of contemporary children's clothing. America of course has no royal family to help set fashion standards as was the case in Europe. The American president and his family have in part played this role. Thus a review of the American presidents provide glimpses on popular children's fashions of the day. In addition, the clothing of the presidents themselves provide additional glimpses. Very limited information is available on the childhood of many 18th Century presidents, especially the childhood of presidents like Abraham Lincoln that grew up in modest ircumstances. Much more is known about the 20th Century presidents and this will almost certainly be the case for 21st Century presidents.

The 21st Century began with the presidency of George W. Bush was campaigned on a platform of reducing government and drawing back America's commitments avroad. The 9-11 attacks dramatically changed the Presidents's outlook and goals.

Available information on the presidents of the 20th century is as follows:


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