Belgian Royalty: Leopold III's Clothes--Fancy Suits

Figure 1.--Prince Leopold looks to be a bout 6 years old here. He wears a light-colored kneepants suit with a very fancy blouse that has a large ruffled cillar and wrist trim.

While not quite Fauntleroy suits, the boys when they were younger wore light colored suits trimmed in lace and ruffles. They appear to have been comfortable outfits with open collars. There were two versions of these suits. One with a skirt bottom and another as they got older with kneepants. I'm not sure what material these suits were done in. There were Fauntleroy suits done in velvet as well as satin suits, but some of these francy suits done when Leopold was younger appear to be in some other material. They appear to be made in a variety of pastel colors, but I am unsure as to just what colors. These suits done for Leopold as a younger boy were kneepants suits and worn with both three-quarter and long stockings. These were worn before Leopold had his hair cut shorter, but he continued wearing them for a few years after his hair was cut.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: May 16, 2002
Last updated: May 16, 2002