Belgian Royalty: Leopold III' Clothes--Headwear

Figure 1.--Prince Leopold here wears a wide-brimmed sailor hat that has been turned down at a jaunty angel. Perhaps the family is on vacation. Note that he wears some sort of jacket over his middy blouse.

The headwear Prince Leopold wears most commonly is different styles of wide-nrimmed sailor hats. As a young boy he wears the traditional wide brimmed sailor hat before and after he is breeched. As an older boys his wide brimmed sailor hat are sometimes tirnmed down to give a jauntuy look, although they are worn properly turned up for more formal occasions. We have also noted him wrearing soft sailor caps. One image of Leopold in a satin suit shows him holding a hat of some kind, but we can not make it out very well.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: May 16, 1999
Last updated: May 16, 2002