Edward VII: Kilt Conventions

Figure 1.-- Here we see Bertie and his older sister Victoria. We think this is an important state occassion, the opening of the Great Exposition in the Crystal Palace in London. The Great Exposition was the brainchild of their father, Prince Consort Albert. Note Bertie's Glengary cap and plaid kneesocks.

We are just beginning to develop information about the conventions for wearing kilts in the royal family. The boys appear to have worn kilts differently. We note them wearing kilts both for for dress occasions as well for everyday outdoor activities. They might wear kilts for dress occassions both in Scotland and also in England. They almost always wore kilts while in Scotland, both for dress occassions and for outdoor activities. Paintings show the boys wearing kilts for outdoor activities in Scotland. The kilt in England was, however, usually worn for more formal occassions. We are less sure about conventions at Osborne. We have seen photographs of Bertie's younger brothers wearing kilts there. We are not sure though if the boys played in kilts or were just dressed up for phogographic portraits. We are less sure about Bertie and Alfred who were normally dressed similarly.


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