Victoria and Albert: Children's Clothes

Figure 1.--Here we see Prince Arthur seated on a chaise longue at left and Prince Alfred. The Prince's wear traditional Indian dress. The royal children often took part in plays and tableaux vivants, which they sometimes presented on special occasions. The portrait was taken soon after the visit of the Maharajah Dalip Singh to Osborne (August 1854). It is possible that the boys' costumes were a gift from him.

A popular diversion in the 19th century was dressing up in fancy costumes. Both children and adults enjoyed doing it. This could be very expensive if it was dione realistically, but of course ths was not a problem for the Royal Family. We see all ortsof cstumes including historical periods and foreign peoples were favorites. There were of couse cistme balls, but we alsi see this just to have portraits taken. This may have been popular before photography. But photography increased the poplarity of this ctivity because you could have a permanent record of how you looked. Young children enjoy dressing up in costumes and the royal children were no exception. W see them dressing up in costumes as well as presenting plays and tableaux vivants for both the family and visiors. They might be presented on special occasions. There are portraits of all the royal children dressed up in costumes and participating in these occassions.


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